Shree Chlorates

Shree Chlorates is one of the leading manufacturers of Sodium Chlorate, Sodium Chlorite & Sodium bisulphate in India.

Why Shree Chlorates ?

  • The overall production and technical aspects of the various manufacturing processes are governed by Mr.Rajiv Parekh who is an experienced and highly qualified Chemical Engineer.
  • There are two independent Sodium Chlorate Plants, so that our customers do not suffer for material in cases of Shutdown / Breakdown.
  • Our products are Cost effective and Competitive.
  • Good quality Control measures are taken to maintain consistent quality.
  • Well Trained Production Supervisors are there to take care of regular day to day production activities.
  • Timely deliveries and prompt services.

About us

Shree Chlorates is one of the leading manufacturer of Sodium Chlorate and Sodium Chlorite in India. The manufacturing unit was promoted by Mr. Hemant Parekh a management master and Mr. Rajiv Parekh a Chemical Engineer from BITS Pilani in 1989.

In Industry

Sodium Chlorate is being mainly supplied to Paper Industries for permanent whiteness
to paper. Sodium Chlorite is being mainly supplied to textile industry, water purification Industry, etc.


The quality checks are carried out from the raw material till the finished are produced as per
the desired specifications.


Our efficient marketing network ensures that the product reaches you on time & in perfect condition.

The Company is started with a mission to have respectable presence in the Chemical / Industrial Domestic / Global markets and to serve its customer by making available quality products at competitive rates.

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